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What is Telehealth

Let's work together to get healthier.

Livecare offers for taking control of healthcare.


Livecare is the only Telehealth company owned and operated by physicians.

We understand medicine and have made it our goal to deliver better healthcare more efficiently by providing:

Facilitated engagement between providers & patients

A continuum of quality care across branches of medicine

Tools to manage admin tasks more efficiently


Livecare gives all users, from providers to patients, the most advanced benefits in Telehealth today:

  • Improved patient experiences
  • Greater access to quality care
  • Comprehensive wellness programs with an emphasis on quicker return-to-work protocols
  • More efficient healthcare administration overall

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Livecare is for healthcare providers and their patients.

Telehealth Doctor

Are you a primary care physician or practice administrator?

Livecare is designed to make healthcare delivery more efficient while making the patient experience as positive as possible by:

  • Improving health outcomes by making it easier for you to monitor patients and for patients to engage with you
  • Increasing the efficiency of administrative tasks, allowing more time to do what you do best: taking care of patients
  • Providing a virtual platform that allows doctors and patients to work together for overall wellness and health

Discover how Livecare bridges the gap between providers and patients.


Livecare is for insurers and employers.


Livecare gives you more impact on the lives of the people you insure and on your bottom line.

The future of healthcare is improving the health of millions of Canadians while decreasing costs for you, the insurance provider and employer. Together we can work to reduce sick time and improve long-term outcomes.

See how Livecare can add to your bottom line.

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Canadians are using Livecare to take control of their health, save time, and save money.


Healthcare has always been reactive, rather than proactive. Now it’s time for a change. The way we live is evolving and so should the way we deliver healthcare. Find out more about how Livecare is setting out to reform the landscape of the healthcare industry.

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