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What is Telehealth


The Future of Healthcare is Here

Telehealth helps bring care closer to home by connecting patients with their health care team when they are not in the same location. Telehealth can span from a video call to a diagnostic consult that involve the use of medical peripherals to collect vital signs, heartbeat, lung sounds, and more.


Telehealth Benefits For Companies & Communities

  • Enable staff & citizens to see a caregiver from the convenience of home, workplace, or from anywhere there is Internet
  • Access a family physician, counsellor, nutritionist & other healthcare providers
Telehealth Benefits For Patients & Consumers
  • A convenient way to connect with physicians from home or work
  • Spend less time in waiting rooms & avoid visits to the emergency room
  • Include caregivers, translators, or family members in the visit
Telehealth Benefits For Physicians & Caregivers
  • A convenient way to stay connected with your patients
  • Experience work, life, and family balance by working from the clinic, home, or while travelling
  • Improve patient satisfaction and retention
What people are saying about Livecare

Way better than going to a walk-in clinic! It actually felt like the doctor was interested in helping me and not just rushing to get to the next patient. So happy!
- Morgan

Livecare Telehealth Platform - Connectâ„¢

emrOscar EMR Integration
Oscar EMR plugin for integrated scheduling and visit documentation.
easyEasy to Use
A simple and intuitive interface that allows you to schedule a visit at the touch of a button.
multipleMultiple Participants
Invite other providers, translators, or family members to join the visit for increased care coordination.
hdHigh-Definition Video
Medical grade, high definition video provides the clearest images. We get you close enough to see the details.
Use your smartphone, tablet or computer on Windows, IOS and Android operating systems.
securePIPA & FIPAA Compliant
Fulfills national healthcare security standards.