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Community First Nelson Clinic launches Telemedicine Program

Ana Luna with the Program Manager, Holli Norberg
Community First Medical Clinic in Nelson British Columbia has launched a brand new service providing patients with access to physicians and specialists in Vancouver using Telemedicine technology. Ana Luna a technician and trainer at Livecare Hub describes her experience with introducing Telemedicine to the Nelson community:
We explained to the patients that because of the doctor shortage, they would be having a video consultation with a physician from Vancouver. At first, patients were unsure. They didn’t know what to expect. However, any doubts quickly went away as soon as they were able to see and hear Dr. Howard Koseff. It’s not face-to-face, but it’s the next best thing. I saw amazement in the patient’s face as Dr. Koseff listened to their heartbeat using a digital stethoscope. By the end of each consultation, the overall emotion was one of appreciation. The patients were grateful to the Nelson clinic for giving them the option of seeing a Telemedicine physician rather than a lengthy wait in the waiting room. The medical staff were grateful that no patients had to be denied service due to over-capacity. Seeing this kind of response from everyone makes me so glad I got to be part of this experience.