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Getting Started with Video Conferencing – Technical Requirements

What do you need to start video conferencing with patients? Basically you will need a computer, microphone, webcam and a reliable Internet connection.

Internet Connection
Use a wired Internet connection when possible. If wireless is your only option, you may need to upgrade your router to improve the connection.

A tablet is a great option for video conferencing, however for longer sessions a desktop computer or laptop is the better option. The Macbook Air and Lenovo Thinkpads are popular computer choices for many of Livecare’s telehealth doctors.

Most computers come with built-in mic. However for best audio quality, use a standalone echo cancelling mic or headset. If you use the built-in mic, you may experience issues with echoing and excess background noise. If you are connecting with a telemedicine clinic, you will need a headset to get a clear sound from the digital stethoscope.

Popular with Livecare doctors 
Logitech USB H540

Your built-in web camera may be good enough. To provide your patients with the best video quality use an external HD USB webcam.

Popular with Livecare doctors
Logitech HD Pro Webcam (C920)

Matt Fehr is a technology consultant at Livecare.
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