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Video Conferencing Etiquette for online doctors

Video conferencing can at first feel awkward and different than a face-to-face consultation. However with a little training, new online doctors can effectively and comfortably talk with their patients online.

Below are some tips I provide to our telemedicine doctors. Speaking Volume Try to maintain an even volume when speaking, as if you were conversing with someone in the same room. Most computer microphones are sensitive and are effective up to 7 feet. Eye Contact To convey eye contact, make sure to look at the camera as often as possible. While it’s only natural to look at the patient’s face on screen, this will make it appear as though you are looking elsewhere. Camera Position Ensure that you are centered on the camera. Try to frame your head and shoulders in the shot. Additionally try to position the camera as close to eye level as possible. Try to avoid unflattering angles such as up at nostrils. Dress Avoid stripe shirts or intricate patterns that do not transmit well on camera. It is tempting to dress casually when working outside of your clinic, however it is important to present a professional image that instills respect, trust and confidence to the patient. Privacy The same patient privacy rules apply as a face-to-face visit. If you need to bring another person into the call, such as IT support, make sure to obtain the patient’s approval first. RechelleRechelle Cajuguiran is a telemedicine trainer at Livecare. She has helped prepare Family Doctors, Specialists, and Nurses for telemedicine. Learn more about videoconferencing for Telehealth.