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Children Occupational Therapy

This service is only available for organizations and corporations. If you are a patient please visit Coast Medical to get a specialist or allied health appointment.

Skilled occupational therapists’ bring a wealth of clinical experience to their work with children provide consultations to assess the child’s needs and to specifically coach parents to provide sensory experiences that help regulate and organize the child’s nervous system. They bring a passion to improve children’s lives through playful, motivating therapy. Many children and parents prefer this format as both the parent and child are intimately involved and it greatly reduces cost. Youth Therapy Services:
  • Gross and Fine Motor Assessment
  • Sensory Processing Assessment
  • Treatment Planning, coaching for parents

Rachel Kamin - Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Rachel Kamin - graduated Magna Cum Laud from SUNY Brooklyn in New York and has been working exclusively with pediatrics ever since. She began her career treating clients together with a team of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists at Schneider's children's hospital addressing medical, orthopedic and developmental disabilities. She then worked in the New York City school system servicing children receiving regular and special education and went on to treat the 0-5 year old Early Intervention population in their homes. Her clinical skills, enthusiasm and warmth made her a well sought after therapist. This experience was extremely fulfilling for her and sparked the idea of starting an occupational therapy clinic. Working with families and children together proved the most effective method and this model encouraged her to design a for service children that involved parents. Rachel's experience in Occupational Therapy has placed a great focus on Sensory Integration implementing it in many settings and sharing her knowledge with others. She has completed extensive courses on Sensory Integration, NDT, Autism, Learning Disabilities, normal/abnormal development and upper body performance. Rachel enjoys helping her remote families learn new methods of occupational therapy and she spends her free time exploring the beautiful outdoors of BC with her family.