Livecare Connect™ Telehealth Platform

Livecare Connect on Ipad


What can Livecare Connect Telehealth Platform do

Livecare Connect
  • Video conferencing
  • Live Diagnostic Video
  • Secure Instant Messaging
  • EMR Integration
  • Online Waiting Room
  • Multiple Participants
  • Payment Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • File Share
  • Scheduling
High-Definition Video
Medical grade, high definition video provides the clearest images.
EMR Integration
Integrated scheduling and visit documentation with your EMR or scheduling system.
Secure Instant Messaging
Foster real-time communication among colleagues, staff and patients.

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Bank Grade Security
Using bank grade data security with servers hosted in Canadian facilities. Livecare Connect fulfills national healthcare security standards.
Telehealth Cart
Live Diagnostic Video
Integrated medical peripherals in a cart or case format to achieve real-time diagnostic input and clinical evaluations.

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