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Meeting the needs of Healthcare Organizations.

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Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Administration that Works for You.

Running a healthcare facility comes with its own unique challenges, and the procedures necessary to do so are often complicated, costly and time consuming. And then, there are all the things that can go wrong. At Livecare we understand the nitty-gritty details of how healthcare organizations run, and our Telehealth and administrative platform aims to streamline these processes. Because we know you have an important job to do, and we don’t want technical and administrative issues issues to get in your way.

How will Livecare make your job easier?

Seamless change management.
Change can be scary, especially when you have so much riding on it. When you partner with Livecare, we will walk you through every step of the transformation. Not only will we go over setup with you, we’ll be by your side once it’s up and running.

We understand the industry's timelines and organizational structure.
We’re not just a consultant that works with medical facilities, we are medical professionals who understand the ins and outs of everything from Telehealth software and hardware to clinical operations management to billing. Before we even start, we’ll be able to map out organizational aspects such as physician engagement, community engagement, and patient education and engagement.

Our IT is your IT.
You will have constant access to our IT team even after we set up your initial system. Even better, our techs will be able to directly connect to your system, so instead of having to deal with all the little issues organizations like yours eventually encounter, we’ll take care of them.

Ready to learn more about how your healthcare facility can become the organizational model of healthcare you’ve always envisioned?

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