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Introducing A New Way to See Your Patients

How can Livecare transform your practice?

Healthcare Providers

Administer patient care not paperwork tasks.

You became a doctor because you want to help people. But how much time do you spend doing paperwork rather than actual patient care? And when there isn’t enough time in a day to do both, where does that leave you? Unfortunately you can’t skip the administrative tasks and you never want to give less than your all to your patients. Something’s gotta give and that’s where we come in. The Livecare Telehealth platform aims to streamline organizational processes so that you can focus your time and effort on your mission of keeping people healthy, rather than getting caught up in the logistics of it all.

See your patients when they need you most.

Improve health outcomes by reaching patients faster wherever they are and increase reach to those who live remotely and can’t easily access the care they need.

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Telehealth Patient iPad

Make healthcare a team effort.

Integrate video conferencing with colleagues and patients into your practice with Livecare Direct How Telehealth works
Secure instant messaging
Keep communication open.
Foster real-time communication among colleagues, staff and patients with secure instant messaging.

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Step up your organization game.

Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of administrative tasks. Access and share complete patient records with a few clicks of the mouse using kindredPHR. Encourage patients to take control of their health with a dedicated, secure patient portal.

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kindredPHR patient health record
Telehealth Cart
Take your business on the road.
Receive pre-configured (per your specialty) Telehealth carts and/or dispatch cases designed to perform off-site real-time diagnostics and clinical evaluations.

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Take the next step in returning to the way your practice was meant to be. We’ll train you with an onboarding process that ensures smooth transition onto the platform.

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