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IMG Telemedicine Assistant


Patient Care:

  • Greet patients, take and vital statistics and communicate patient needs with physician. 
  • Ability to interact effectively, in a compassionate and supportive manner with persons of all backgrounds.
  • Greet patients, take vital statistics and communicate and chart patient needs with physician.
  • Use digital otoscope, stethoscope or exam camera to perform exam on behalf of physician.
  • Chart physician interaction with patient during encounter so physician can focus on patient care.
  • Sound knowledge and use of appropriate medical & anatomical terminology in patient chart.
  • Facilitate all diagnostic, specialist and psychiatric referrals for physician.
  • Act as interpreter for patients who may be confused or have barriers (language etc.) in understanding physician directions during encounter.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality.
  • Ensure patients called for f/u after diagnostics completed, when further investigations are required, or at doctor’s request.


Requisitions and Referrals:

  • Work with physician to facilitate all diagnostic referrals and attach/document pertinent clinical information/investigations.
  • Complete and submit all lab requisitions and monitor return to clinic.
  • Enter lab results into patient chart and inform physician of values to determine next steps.
  • Maintain tracking system to ensure all requisitions have been returned and results have been brought to Physician’s attention.
  • Work with PCC to forward prescriptions/clinical details as needed with necessary consent.
  • Work with physician to facilitate specialist referrals. If patient prefers expedited visit vs. long wait, consult with Jaime Korchinsky at HUB office to determine if there are any specialist days at Nisgaa which the patient can access via telemed from Taylor Medical Clinic.
  • Work with physician and HUB office to facilitate any psychiatric or other mental health referrals.


Computer Troubleshooting Skills:

  • Sound knowledge and use of Oscar EMR for charting and billing. Able to troubleshoot minor issues.
  • Adept at use of all digital peripheral diagnostic instruments. Able to perform minor troubleshooting strategies.
  • Work closely with IT support to assure all technical problems are resolved in a timely manner to avoid delays/wait times for patient appointments/scheduling.
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of all technical equipment and inform co-workers of any updates/quick tips you become aware of.


Community Relations:

  • Positions located in remote and First Nation communities.
  • Act as community Ambassador for all patients and elders to promote tele healthcare delivery. Use exemplary communication skills, cultural sensitivity and etiquette in all endeavours.
  • Act as Livecare representative for all medical/healthcare providers in neighbouring communities.
  • Act as industry liaison for local industry who may access clinical services for occupational health.


Chronic Disease/Complex Care Management:

  • Identify patients within clinic population with Chronic Diseases and chart medical condition
  • Organize appropriate, required laboratory investigations, physical examinations, specialist consultations and social history for CDM flowsheets.
  • Patient education
  • Billing of CDM and Complex Care Incentive fees for qualified patients pending completion of required values/monitoring/patient contact.
  • Perform DM foot exams, general examinations, measurements of routine vitals for CDM registry.
  • Effective communication with Physicians (verbal/charting) on required tasks/investigations for patients with chronic conditions.
  • Complete and submit all lab requisitions and monitor return to clinic.
  • Track and ensure receipt of ordered investigations with accurate documentation of actions.


Industry Based Health & Safety Program Development:

  • Work effectively and respectfully with Industry based organizations to establish appropriate screening protocols for specific occupations/positions.
  • Complete and submit all lab requisitions and monitor return to clinic.
  • Follow-through with forwarding of information with signed patient consent as required to employer/safety program lead.
  • Documentation and billing of clinical interactions as required. 


  • Excellent Communicator –Professional appearance and etiquette.
  • Medical/Clinical Experience – Must be able to work various hours in a fast paced, sometimes high stress, multitasking environment. In-depth knowledge of clinical workflow and patient care in a clinical environment while working under direct supervision of a physician performing patient examinations. Must have fluent medical terminology, transcription, use of medical technology and peripheral tools, ability to multi-task in a high stress environment, excellent patient communications. Strong analysis and reporting of clinical/health standards of safety, quality and productivity measure. Cultural sensitivity, excellent business etiquette.
  • Education: IMG and Successful Criminal Records Check. Preference to candidates with Canadian health care experience. 

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