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Better Health Takes A Team.

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kindredPHR is a person-centered health record that can improve a clinic’s practice efficiency, patient engagement & satisfaction.

kindredPHR patient health record

Improve Productivity
Spend less time on the phone by providing patients with easy access to appointment scheduling.

Efficient Communication
Make communicating with your patients faster and easier with instant messaging.

Patient Engagement
Share important health information and health management tools to keep patients engaged in their care.

Care Coordination
Promote better healthcare by providing family members, caregivers & other clinicians access to valuable health information.


Health Record Sharing
Coordinate and combine information from multiple healthcare providers. Receive data from health trackers and journals.

Connect Integration
Works with Connect Telehealth platform for integrated virtual visits.

Oscar EMR Integration
Works with Oscar EMR for integrated scheduling, document sharing and message archiving.

Online Scheduling
Allows patients to book and manage their appointments online.