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Mental Health Care that Feels Right.

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Mental Health

Allow us to be your trusted connection for mental health.

At Livecare, we know that life can be hard and sometimes we all have to ask for a little help. But sometimes asking isn’t easy, and even when you’re ready to reach out, it’s often difficult to find someone to trust. That’s where Livecare Connect comes in.

Why is Livecare different?

Connect from wherever you are.
Livecare Connect facilitates virtual visits from the comfort of home, work, or anywhere that has internet. The Telehealth platform eliminates the need for traveling to the office and waiting rooms, which put unnecessary stress on everyone involved. At the same time, video conferencing allows both the patient and provider to see and interpret each other’s facial expressions, which is a fundamental component of effective dialog.

A team effort stands behind you.
The work that you do as a mental health professional is essential. Our Telehealth program is designed to support and aid this work any way we can. Learn more about how we can enhance your practice

We understand.
Livecare recognizes that mental health is a vital part of wellbeing for everyone, and it is never something to be embarrassed about. Life comes with problems, it’s just a natural part of being human. At Livecare we understand that, and our ultimate goal is to be there for people in their time of need with understanding, respect, and trustworthiness.

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