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Sex Therapy

This service is only available for organizations and corporations. If you are a patient please visit Coast Medical to get a specialist or allied health appointment.

Stress is a major factor that has consumed our human experience. Stress and sex have a valuable relationship. One that can destroy a sexual experience as well as add to it. Many of our remote patients experience the stress of a long-distance relationship with a partner who works away from home. The strains on a long-distance relationship are many and intense. Couples that make it, whether they live together or apart, are those that understand that a long-term commitment often takes work. Working through difficult times usually strengthens and betters the relationship. Our therapist delves into that relationship in every client to find the best possible inspired sexuality and relationship happiness.

Petra Zebroff - Sex Therapist

Petra Zebroff, PhD - Petra has a psychophysiology background and focuses on women’s health first. Out of good health (of body and mind) come a good life and great sex. Key areas of life and psychology that ‘block’ good sex are identified. I see sex as multifaceted, enjoyed in many ways and for many reasons. Sex can be one of the most intimate acts ever, and yet it can also separates us. Above all I take a sex-positive approach — never losing track of the fact that sex is juicy and delicious, and living without it is a tragedy.

Dr. Zebroff in the news

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