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Addictions Recovery Organization

In 2014, an Addictions Recovery Organization partnered with Livecare to provide recovering patients with comprehensive health care in an economical manner.

Healthcare Challenges

  • Access to primary care and specialists was poor due to the rural nature of the facilities and the expense of supervised secure patient transport.
  • Care was typically provided at walk-in clinics resulting in poor continuity of care.

Telehealth Solutions

  • ConnectCase placed at the facility.
  • Provided immediate and easy access to Livecare’s roster of physicians and healthcare providers.


  • Reduced client transports by facilitating physician visits from within the facility.
  • Established continuity of care between patients and physicians where follow-ups were part of the standard of care.
  • Dramatically increased the range of clinical services, including mental health, addictions and other allied and specialist services.
  • Improved care, improved patient satisfaction, decreased cost of care.