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First Nations Community

In 2013, Livecare established a partnership with a First Nations Health Authority to build a sustainable healthcare system that promoted the health and well-being of their community.

Healthcare Challenges

  • A high turnover of physicians resulting in fragmented care and poor clinical outcomes.
  • Patients had poor access to specialists and allied healthcare.
  • Preventative health was not practiced.

Telehealth Solutions

  • ConnectCarts placed at 3 health centres.
  • Physicians were recruited.
  • Provided immediate access to a roster of specialists, including eye care and allied health services.
  • Programs for proactive prevention and preventable disease were implemented.


  • Integrated cultural and traditional medicine with the overall delivery of Western-based healthcare practices.
  • Met or exceeded healthcare services (cost, access, quality, outcomes) available to other British Columbians.