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Remote Community

In May 2014, a medical clinic in a remote community was officially closed down because of a physician shortage. Two months later, the clinic was re-opened as a result of a partnership between Livecare and the city municipality.

Healthcare Challenges

  • Physician recruitment and retention was poor due to the remote nature of the facility.
  • Patients had poor access to specialists and allied healthcare.

Telehealth Solutions

  • ConnectCart placed at the clinic.
  • Physicians were recruited.
  • Provided immediate access to specialists.


  • Provided a community in crisis, with no physician services, with immediate access to primary care.
  • Unprecedented timely access to specialists and allied health care.
  • Establishment of a primary care service delivery model that values continuity and stable relationships over time.
  • A cost-effective full-service clinic offering primary care, specialist and allied health services for the community.